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Courses and lessons

Acting Rehearsal

Acting lessons

Acting is not only for actors! Increasing your self-esteem, help you to be aware of all your potential, be conscious of your qualities and help you to feel better in human relations. This are only the most evident reasons to get acting classes and you will discover a lot of motivations in the path.

I offer individual and group lessons both for beginners and more experts people.

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caffè di lavoro

Online lessons

Learning has never been so easy! With an online lesson you can save up money and time by learning from home both in acting, reading and public speaking.

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incontro d'affari

Public speaking

Do you need more self confidence when speaking in front of other people? Would you like to be more effective in your speeches, lessons or office report? 

You can get help from acting basis! I offer individual public speaking lessons for professionals who want to get a this skill that is so much requested today in the social-media era!

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Imparare gli script

Subscriptions and lesson package

Book 5, 10, 15 or 20 lessons to save up money; my lesson plans are adaptable to your time and week schedule; with a subscription you can book in advance an amount of lessons, plan them and find offers for lesson packages! 

You can also book them as a gift for someone you know that loves theatre and acting!

Contact me!

Contact me!

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